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HEMPHILIA ® products are made with totally green and organic natural and vegetable raw materials.

70% less plastic

We are reducing drastically our consume of plastic! HEMPHILIA ® has studied the structure and the ideal weight of the plastic material of its containers, so as to save about 70% of plastic compared to normal bottles used in the market. More, the special airless tubes 2 and 3 layers studied and created by FRADA Srl, in addition to being innovative for the best user experience, make it possible to lower down preservatives content about 40% to 100%.

100% less paper and cardboard

We fight deforestation! HEMPHILIA ® offers its products without the so-called secondary packaging: cases and boxes that are used to advertise products on store shelves, but which are immediately trashed at home. Anything that has a negative impact on the environment, and which is not strictly necessary, isbanned: this is the HEMPHILIA® ideology and business policy.
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The open office is full of noise. So we built a place with less. Our Room is a simple, affordable solution for the modern workplace. It's our way of making more room for everyone.

When we needed to get our shop up and running fast, Crafty was there to help us.
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Seriously, could Crafty be any more awesome? I'm not sure it could...thanks!
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